Swim Spas

The Wellness Health and Swim Spa series has been developed with the sole objective to bring together the health benefits that can be achieved with hot water, exercise, hydro massage therapy and swimming - all built into one beautiful product, just for you and your family.

Water resistance has long been proven to be a superior medium for strength, cardio and endurance training. Owning a Wellness Spa gives you anytime access to this medium and provides an experience that is so enjoyable that you’ll find it easy to maintain your new healthly lifestyle by simply spending time in your new Wellness Spa each and every day.


Our models range from the hyper-therapeutic Wellness I hot tub (developed in conjunction with the Arthritis Research Center of Canada’s Consumer Advisory Board) to our large Swim Spas which produce an unrivalled current you can swim against indefinitely.Our health spas each come exercise equipment ready, allowing resistance bands and rowing oars to be incorporated into your fitness routine.

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