Book Swimming Pool Equipment Show of Operations

Just moved into new home that has a swimming pool? New to owning one? We know it can be confusing with the vast amount of information out there and that is why we offer Orientations in the comfort of your backyard. Let our experience and skilled Technicians show you how to operate your pool equipment, balance and treat the water, and inspect the components for any concerns. Onsite demonstrations and tutorials will ensure you are set up to enjoy your new backyard oasis for years to come. 

We can also bring out a full, ready to use water care kit, and set you up for free in store professional water testing to help you maintain clean, balanced water.

This orientation includes 30 minutes of on-site labor, and each hour after that is $100.00 for Labor by one of our skilled Service Technicians.

Pricing and optional add-on services will be displayed within the online booking system.